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Finding greatness within yourself

Am 6. März begrüßten wir den Musiker und Coach Rickard Persson als Out-of-the Box Sprecher beim CIO Kongress Frühling in Waidhofen, Ybbs.
Rickard sprach und sang abwechselnd und inspirierte die Teilnehmer mit seiner intensiven Lebensgeschichte.
Unten haben wir einen Auszug aus diesem besonderen Vortrag für die LSZ-Community zusammengestellt.

What you can do with what you have? (Not about what you dont have)
I have had a great opportunity to share some of my experiences at the Hotel Schloss an der Eisenstrasse in March 2018 at the LSZ organised congress „CIO Kongress Frühling“.
Facing hardships in a life like mine, in a case like mine, may be easily looked upon in a negative way, or something to grieve over...something that has been lost. But what about turning the whole thing around, learning something from what you have been going through, taking it and using it to reach even further than you would ever reach without that knowledge. An experiment in 1996 changed a lot of things in my life. An explosion resulted in a complete loss of my sight and my right hand. But most of all it changed my understanding about what we, as human beings, are actually capable of.

How to find the greatness within yourself?
The opinion of others does not have to become your reality. Facing a downfall in your life does not mean that you are limited. Your dream is only as great as you dare to dream it. And therefore you can chose your own future. A guitarist with three fingers left...we might say "oh nice he can continue to play a little bit..." but I would like to take it further than that. And I can say that I play much better now than I did before the accident, when I would have all of my fingers. So my challenge made me going even more - as the great challenges in life make us take the step we think we are not able to take. Overcoming obstacles and difficulties is not as hard as it seems to be. Do not stop, keep on going. It is not over. Only your determination sets the limits on where you want to reach.

Once we chose to decide to learn about ourselves...


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